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 It is a remake of the 2012 Telugu film of the same name by Bharat Bala, with whom he had previously collaborated. Music for the film was composed by R. Kumar and Praveen Nanda. The film features Sunil, Tumko Musta Dekho, Sruthi Rangaraj and Malashri along with Anup Bhandari and Shruti Bhandari in lead roles. RangiTaranga opened on 2 September 2015 to mixed reviews from critics. Plot The movie starts with a day in the life of the late Govind "Govinda" (Sunil) along with his wife (Sruthi Bhandari) and his three children. Govinda and his family move to a new house, where they start living in a new home. Soon after the family settles down they are forced to move out of their house. The reason for the forced move is that Govinda's wife's aunt (Malashri) along with her three kids and grand children wants to come to the house. Although they stay on good terms with the family, eventually, they can't hold on to the house and have to move in with Govinda's family. One day while watching the news, they hear an accident about a young boy who was killed in an accident, and they decide to go and investigate. Govinda and his children meet a detective who also is in love with Govinda's wife. Govinda along with his wife and children come to know that the three kids of their aunt have kidnapped a five-year-old boy and have raped him. The two families become aware of the situation and meet to try to solve the case. Govinda wants to solve the case and save the life of the five-year-old boy, the detective wants to solve the case so that his family can be safe. After a long investigation Govinda and his family find out that the aunt's family is behind the killing of the five-year-old boy, and they are the ones who have raped the boy. The aunt's family tries to find a way to kill Govinda's wife to save their own families. On their way to take revenge they accidentally kill the detective. Govinda's wife and his children are kidnapped by the aunt's family. Govinda's wife along with her three kids are killed, and only Govinda's son manages to escape. Govinda finds out the aunt and




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Rangitaranga Movie Download Bittorrent Free deamded

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